The Top Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Termite Control Service

Does your new home need a termite control service? Take a look at the top questions to ask an extermination contractor before you agree to an estimate. Are You a Licensed Pest Control Contractor? Each state has its own licensing regulations and requirements for pest control professionals. While a license doesn't always guarantee quality services, it is one indication the contractor has the experience and expertise you need to effectively control your home's termite invasion. Read More 

5 Ways To Get Your Ant Problem Under Control

Ants can be difficult to deal with once they get inside your home. They are so small, and they can fit through the tiniest of cracks. However, if you have ants in your home, you should not give up hope. You can control your ant problem with the right approach. 1. Keep Your Home Clean One of your best defenses against ants is a clean home. Take your trash out every day, even if it is just a small amount. Read More 

Got Bed Bugs Sleeping With You? How To Get Them Out Of Your Bed

If you have bed bugs sleeping with you at night, you may find it difficult to get them out. Fortunately, there are things you can do so you can start sleeping better. Below are two of these things to help you get started in this process. Use Heat Treatment There is a heat treatment that can kill bed bugs and their eggs. This works extremely well, and when finished, most of the bed bugs will be dead. Read More 

Common Myths About Termite Control

Termites can cause extensive damage to your home. Fortunately, you can avoid an infestation, but you will need to take care to avoid falling for some common myths. Myth: Termite infestations are obvious Termites can do a lot of damage before there are any obvious signs of an infestation. By the time you are noticing structural damage, wood dust, and termite leavings or frass inside your home or around your foundation, you will already have an extensive breeding colony infesting your home. Read More 

When Your Spider Problem Requires Professional Care

Do you have a spider problem in your home? You might, and if you do, you should have a pest control specialist take care of your issue for you. While most spiders found in the home have nothing do with people and are just trying to catch a pest for snacking on, other spiders that can be found in or around the home can be dangerous or even poisonous. Your pest control specialist will let you know what types of spider you have in your home and can eradicate your issue for you. Read More