Rat Extermination Recommendations And Prevention Treatments

Rats are a pest that can invade and take up residence in any type of area, including rural and urban locations. Whether or not you have experienced rats in the past, there is always a first time and you need to be on the lookout and know how to get rid of them. Here are some recommendations to help you determine the extent of your rat problem and get rid of them out of your yard.

Recognize Rats in Your Yard

You may not know if you have a rat problem in your yard if you only have some suspicions. Some signs of a rat problem in your yard can include nests and collections of yard debris and trash, in hidden and out-of-the-way areas, and under pallets. You are also going to see many rat droppings, which are small black feces that are similar in size to a shelled sunflower seed. 

You may also recognize the presence of rats by burrow holes in the soil and below the soil of your shed or garage. You may also see black smudge marks on the walls near small openings in a shed or garage wall where rats have made a trail. Rats can sometimes chew on electrical wiring that is left outside, and sometimes on the wood around exterior structures, such as your wood deck, exterior door frames, and shed walls.

Use Effective Treatments

One of the best treatments to get rid of rat infestations is to use a successful professional pest control service. Your pest control professional will be able to install rat traps with baits and poisons to effectively get rid of any rats on your property. Based on your property and the types of shrubbery, vegetation, and outbuildings, they can treat all infested areas, including those where the rats may try to escape the traps. With a good follow-up treatment routine, your extermination professional will check traps and reset them when necessary to completely eliminate your rat problem.

Maintain Your Yard

Another method to protect your yard from rats is to keep it rat-free once you eliminate the problem. To keep rats from making a home in your yard, you need to take some steps to keep it protected against rats and make it inhospitable to them. First, keep your yard cleaned up with any pet food, such as your dog's food dish or chicken feed. Also don't leave out water sources, such as a water dish for your pet, or a basin that collected rainwater from the last rainstorm. Keep your pet's foot inside and locked up at night, and place the extra food inside, locked up and secure as well. 

If you have any fruit trees, be sure to pick up fallen fruit daily, especially before night falls, when rats usually go in search of food. You can still compost in your yard with organic material, but be sure you keep the compost sealed tight. Be sure you use a compost bin with a tight-fitting lid that you can latch closed after you turn and mix the compost.

For more information about rat extermination, contact a local pest control company.