The Best Way to Comprehensively Defeat Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Mosquitos are one of the most frustrating, ever-present, and extremely durable pests that most Americans come into contact with. Not only can they be quite loud and distracting, but if they do end up biting you then you can end up with a lot of irritated skin patches all over your body. While some methods of preventing mosquitos claim to be incredible, in practice most of the candles, fly swatters and bug-killing lights do little to stem the onslaught of mosquitos. That is why you need to consider the mosquito misting system for your home and backyard, to get you ready for next summer.

What Is a Mosquito Misting System?

There are a few systems on the market that are all referred to as a mosquito misting system and in essence, they all do the same thing. A system of small pipes and little nozzles are run around your garden, and sometimes even on the underside of your guttering on your roof, and then, during peak hours, the specially formulated mist is released into the garden that completely obliterates mosquitos and wards off any that are brave enough to try come back. The insecticide used is not harmful to humans, or pets, so once the mist has run its course you can go outside again, mosquito-free.

How Noticeable Are the Pipes?

You can very easily blend the pipes into your natural surroundings so that they do not stand out at all, but even if your guests do catch a glimpse of them they are very small and dainty. You do not need a large pipe to achieve great misting, and generally the only time people notice these pipes and nozzles is when they are in action. If you place them on your fence or guttering, they can be hidden even more discreetly, which many owners prefer. 

Why Does This System Work Better? 

A mosquito misting system works better because it covers a larger area, with a more harmful substance to mosquitos, right where they all live and rest (the garden). This makes it virtually impossible for mosquitos to survive more than a few misting sessions. You can even automate when the mist gets turned on so that it is most active when mosquitoes are around more, particularly at twilight. If you are sick and tired of trying to light the right candle or keep a fly swatter on you, and you just want to enjoy the outdoor area you own, then a mosquito misting system is the best investment you will make in years.