Single Family Homes And In Charge Of HOA? What To Do If Homes Have Rats

If you own townhomes and are in charge of the HOA it is your job to take care of things like exterior maintenance of your single family homes, as well as take care of pools and other amenities that may be in your neighborhood. You also are in charge of taking care of pests that may get into the homes, such as rats. If this happens to you, below are the steps that you should take to get rid to he ants so your homeowners will be happy.

Have a Meeting

The first thing you should do is to hold a meeting with the homeowners. This can help you determine how many homes have rats. You can also tell people the signs of rats if they are not sure if they have them. This would be finding droppings in different areas of the homes, seeing chewed marks on things like wires, dog or cat food bags, or boxed food that is in a cabinet.

Tell everyone that you are going to take care of the problem immediately, You can do this by hiring a pest control company.

Contact a Pest Control Company

A pest control company can help you with your rat infestation. Depending on how many homes there are, the company will send out several contractors. The contractors will start out by determining how the rats are getting into each home. Once they do this they will block all entry points so the rats will not come back.

The pest control company will set traps in the homes to kill the rats. If some of your residents do not want to kill the rats, the pest control company can put bait stations in the homes. This captures the rats and then the rats are released away from any homes.

If you do have an infestation the pest control company will need to come back in a few weeks to ensure the problem is taken care of. Ask the pest control company to talk with homeowners about the rat infection and ensure them the problem is being taken care of.

The pest control company that you hire can answer any questions that you may have.  It is important that you take care of this problem quickly as rats will cause a lot of damage to homes over time, which will result in expensive repairs for you or the homeowners to take care of.