Why It’s Usually Best To Leave Wildlife Removal To The Professionals

If you have a skunk, raccoon, or some other wild animal causing trouble on your property, you might figure you will just set a trap and relocate the animal yourself. And in some cases, this might work out just fine — but that tends to be the exception to the rule. In most cases, you are best off hiring a wildlife removal professional. Here's why. 1. Many wild animals carry rabies and other dangerous diseases Read More 

Rat Extermination Recommendations And Prevention Treatments

Rats are a pest that can invade and take up residence in any type of area, including rural and urban locations. Whether or not you have experienced rats in the past, there is always a first time and you need to be on the lookout and know how to get rid of them. Here are some recommendations to help you determine the extent of your rat problem and get rid of them out of your yard. Read More 

Single Family Homes And In Charge Of HOA? What To Do If Homes Have Rats

If you own townhomes and are in charge of the HOA it is your job to take care of things like exterior maintenance of your single family homes, as well as take care of pools and other amenities that may be in your neighborhood. You also are in charge of taking care of pests that may get into the homes, such as rats. If this happens to you, below are the steps that you should take to get rid to he ants so your homeowners will be happy. Read More 

The Best Way to Comprehensively Defeat Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Mosquitos are one of the most frustrating, ever-present, and extremely durable pests that most Americans come into contact with. Not only can they be quite loud and distracting, but if they do end up biting you then you can end up with a lot of irritated skin patches all over your body. While some methods of preventing mosquitos claim to be incredible, in practice most of the candles, fly swatters and bug-killing lights do little to stem the onslaught of mosquitos. Read More 

Why Termite Bait Is An Effective Way To Control Termites That Threaten Your Home

Termites are destructive, so they're one pest you don't want to put off dealing with. They can do so much damage to your home that it's often a good idea to work with a termite control service to eliminate and control the pests. Your termite service might use termite bait, which is a popular type of termite treatment. Here's why termite baits are so effective. Bait Uses Natural Termite Behavior Read More