Get Help From a Pest Control Company When Bat Bugs Infest Your Home

If you've been seeing small dark bugs in your home, and maybe even gotten some bites, you may think you have a bed bug infestation. However, the problem might be bat bugs instead. Both types of bugs need to be eliminated fast, so the first step is to call a pest control company to identify the bugs and start on treatments. Here are some things to know about bat bugs and how to eliminate them.

Bat Bugs Usually Stay Close to Their Bat Colony

Bat bugs look almost identical to bed bugs, but they have different habits and lifestyles. Bat bugs prefer bats, so they're found where bats live. It's common for bats to infest buildings. Bats live in attics and between walls of houses, commercial buildings, and apartment buildings.

You might also attract bats with bat houses that you put up to get rid of mosquitoes. In that case, bat bugs should stay outdoors, but they can hitch a ride inside on rodents or your pets. As long as there are bats around, the bugs probably won't spread out. If the bats leave, then the bugs may spread through your home in search of mammal blood from you or your pets.

Locating and Moving The Bats Is Necessary

If you have bats in your chimney or the walls of your home, the pest control company will move them if possible. Moving the bats means getting rid of a food source for bat bugs. However, bats are a protected species, and some laws regulate how and when bats can be removed from their nesting area.

The pest control company may not be able to disturb the bats at certain times of the year, so in that case, measures must be taken to get rid of the bugs while you wait for the bats to leave. Even if the bats can be removed right away, you'll still have bugs left behind to eliminate.

Bat Bugs Can Be Killed With Pesticides

These bugs may come down from your attic or chimney, so the pest control company may apply pesticide powder in these areas and focus on cracks and channels the bugs can move through. The pest control company may also apply pesticide around outlets and lights.

Bat bugs can go for months without feeding, so it can be difficult to know when the infestation is cleared up. If you've had treatments for bat bugs and see brown bugs in your home again, call your pest control company and let them know.

The good news about bat bugs is that their bites, although annoying and frightening, are not harmful and the bugs are not known to transmit disease. However, you don't want the bugs in your house. Although they aren't bed bugs, they can be just as annoying. Fortunately, bat bugs are easier to eliminate if you work with a pest control company.