Mosquito Control Around Backyard Water Features

A water feature, such as a backyard pond or fountain, can add a relaxing focal point to your landscape. That is, until mosquitoes find it and turn it into their personal breeding ground. Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy a water feature without inviting unwanted pests. Cultural Prevention The first step is prevention — make your pond or fountain a place that doesn't attract mosquitoes. Depth is the first tactic to use. Read More 

Types Of Residential Pest Control Methods

Like humans, pests like warm conditions during cold days. This is what motivates them to intrude into your home, especially if they sense there is food. Pests like cockroaches, flies, and rodents carry dangerous diseases and could easily cause you to get sick. Some simple ways you can avoid a pest infestation are by blocking entry points and removing any sources of food, water, and shelter. However, if your pest infestation gets out of hand, you should hire residential pest control services. Read More 

Four Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe During Pest Control

Pests in the home, whether insect or mammal, are a nuisance that can also pose health risks to your family and pets. Pests, particularly rodents, often bring disease into the home. It's vital to treat for pests while keeping your pets safe. 1. Inform Your Exterminator It's vital that the pest control service knows that there are pets in the home in order for them to determine the safest pest control plan. Read More 

Why It’s Usually Best To Leave Wildlife Removal To The Professionals

If you have a skunk, raccoon, or some other wild animal causing trouble on your property, you might figure you will just set a trap and relocate the animal yourself. And in some cases, this might work out just fine — but that tends to be the exception to the rule. In most cases, you are best off hiring a wildlife removal professional. Here's why. 1. Many wild animals carry rabies and other dangerous diseases Read More 

Rat Extermination Recommendations And Prevention Treatments

Rats are a pest that can invade and take up residence in any type of area, including rural and urban locations. Whether or not you have experienced rats in the past, there is always a first time and you need to be on the lookout and know how to get rid of them. Here are some recommendations to help you determine the extent of your rat problem and get rid of them out of your yard. Read More