Removing Bats From Your Chimney: What You Should Do

Your chimney is useful to remove the smoke from your home when you have a fire in your fireplace. It's open at the top to allow the smoke to leave your home, but it shouldn't be open enough for pests to get inside. Over time, the wire around the chimney may end up disintegrating and can leave your chimney open for all types of pests to get inside. One pest that may be in your chimney is bats. It's the perfect spot for them to get in and out and stay away from humans. If you have found that you have bats in your chimney, they need to be removed. They could eventually make their way into your fireplace or into your home if you allow them to stay in your chimney. Read on for what you can do if you find that you have this pest problem.

Hire A Pest Control Company

You should hire a pest control company to help you get rid of these pests in your chimney. Don't attempt to trap them yourself, or attempt to get into your chimney to remove them yourself. You could get injured by either the bats or you could get injured trying to get inside your chimney. Leave this work to a pest control company instead and have them remove these pests for you. They can also help you to prevent a future problem with these pests as well.

Replace Wiring On Top Of Your Chimney

You should get up onto your roof, or hire someone to replace the wire that was around your chimney to prevent the bats from getting back inside. You have to do this after dusk to ensure that these pests are out of the chimney. They usually leave at dusk to find food, once they are out, you should replace the wiring to prevent them from returning. If they are flying about and coming and going, you should not attempt this.

If you have bats in your chimney, or they have found their way into your home or fireplace, you should call a pest control technician to remove these pests for you. They may not bother you, but they could bite or injure you if they feel threatened. Call a professional, and never attempt to catch or trap them yourself to prevent injury. Replace the wiring around your chimney to prevent these or other pests from getting into your chimney again.