Signs You Have An Ant Problem In Your Home

Ants are pests that can cause a lot of damage in your home if you let them take over. There are different varieties of ants, some that can chew through the wood on your home and others that will just create paths to food and water while digging tunnels beneath your crawl space or squeezing into holes in your foundation to get inside. You may find these ants in your pantry, your stove, or your microwave looking for food. Ants leave behind signs that you should pay attention to that indicate you have an issue. Read on for some signs of ants in your home. 

Sawdust Or Sand

If you are seeing sawdust piles or piles of what appears to be sand inside your home, or near your home's foundation inside a basement, it could be a sign of ants. Carpenter ants will leave sawdust in their wake while chewing through the wood on your home. The sandy piles may be from ants digging and tunneling through and the piles are what they bring up from the ground. If you see these piles around your home, you should take a look around for ants.

Living Ants

If you see living ants around your home, it's likely that you have an infestation. If you have seen a lot of ants in your home, you need to start exterminating them immediately before they find their way throughout your entire home. If you see them in just one part of your home, you should spray for the ants in this area. Use a store-bought pesticide that is safe for use indoors. Spray the ants directly and the area surrounding them as well. This may just be a pathway for them, not where their nest is located. Take a look around to see if you can find where their nest is located. 

Dead Ants

You may have also noticed piles of dead ants around your home as well. This may be due to a number of different reasons, but if you see piles of dead ants, you need to pay close attention for signs of living ones as well. Spray the area and vacuum up the deceased ants, as the living ants may feed off of the deceased ones, or other pests may do so as well.

If you see signs of ants in your home, you need to exterminate them properly. Use a pesticide spray or ant traps around your home to get rid of them. Hire a pest control company to help you exterminate these pests as well. Reach out to an ant exterminator for more information.