What A Pest Control Service May Look For When Doing An Inspection For Pests

Before you sign up for pest control services, the exterminator may do an inspection of your home and property to understand the pest challenges you're facing and figure out the best way to deal with them. This might be a quick inspection that's included with the cost of your pest control. If you're having an inspection as part of the home-buying process, the inspection may be more detailed and have a fee. Here are some things an exterminator may look for around your house and yard. 

Rodent Activity

Rodents may not be out during the day when the pest control company does their inspection, so the exterminator will look for signs rodents have been active. They'll look for gnaw marks, holes in the fascia boards or roof, droppings, and grease trails that rats leave behind.

They'll also assess the environment in your yard to determine what could be attracting the rodents so you can cut off their food supply and shelter.

Wood-Boring Insects

Some insects destroy the wood in your home. Termites are famous for destroying your home, but beetles and some types of ants can be destructive too. The exterminator may check your attic, crawlspace, or basement for signs of wood damage. They may look for droppings, wings, and little mounds of frass made by termites as they burrow into wood.

Termites may also be discovered by the mud tunnels they make to cross over the exterior of your home. Detecting termite activity is important since they are so damaging to your home, but the exterminator will also want to find out if other bugs are present that might be eating the structure of your house.

Roaches And Ants

Roaches also leave signs of their presence. The exterminator might find egg sacs, droppings, dead bodies, and wings that indicate roaches are in your home and in need of extermination.

Ants are another common household insect that can be annoying to have in your home since they destroy your food. The exterminator will identify the type of ants you have and suggest treatments for eliminating them.

Searching for bugs inside your house could include checking every room for signs insects leave behind. This can help the exterminator find pantry pests, clothes moths, silverfish, spiders, scorpions, ants, roaches, and rodents you may not even realize you have living in your house.

Once the pest control professional identifies the pests you have, they may provide a spray treatment or put out bait. The exterminator may recommend follow-up treatments in a month or two and ongoing treatments throughout the year to keep bugs and rodents away.

For more information, reach out to a local pest control service.