Signs Of Termites To Watch Out For

Termites are a pest that can wreak havoc on a home, causing a lot of damage that may be very costly. The damage the termites may cause is just secondary to the damage that already existed in your home. The primary damage to your home would have been water damage that either left the wood on your home soft or rotten. The damage to your home caused by both of these issues is going to need necessary repairs to prevent further pest problems or other concerning issues. Read on for some signs to watch out for to determine if you have a problem with termites. 

Sawdust Piles And Hollow Wood

You may find that you have sawdust piles where these pests are chewing through your home. The sawdust piles are the leftovers these pests didn't use, so unless you've been doing any type of work around your home that may have left behind sawdust, these piles may be an indication that you have a pest issue. Wherever you have seen sawdust piles, you need to take a closer inspection of the area and tap on the wood to see if it sounds hollow. If you hear a hollow sound and you have piles of sawdust, you need to take action and remove the wood to get rid of the termites.

Flying Termites Or Wing Piles

If you see flying termites or you see piles of wings left behind by these pests, it is an indication that you have termites causing damage to your home. You need to take a close look around to see if you can spot any other signs of these pests. Termites can be flying pests, or they may be crawling pests. Either way, you don't want to have them in or around your home. If you are seeing flying termites, crawling termites, or piles of wings, look for other signs and start using a pesticide to get rid of them right away. Spray the pesticide where you have seen the most activity, spraying the ground and your home as needed to kill the pests.

If you find that you have any of these signs of termites in or around your home, you need to get started right away working to get rid of these pests before they cause any further damage to your home. Hire a professional pest control expert to help you get rid of these pests for good.

For more information about termite control, contact a local company.