Got Termites In Your Area? 4 Ways To Protect Against Them

If you live in an area where termites are abundant, then you are going to want to make sure you are taking steps to protect your home from termite damage. Termite damage in your home can be serious, which is why you want to get ahead of it.

Way #1: Get Your Home Treated

The best way to keep termites away is to have a professional pest control company come out to your home and treat your property. They will put down professional treatment around the base of your home that will repel termites and deter them from invading your home. If you already have termites on other parts of your property, they can kill those termites.

A pest company can also give you a full assessment of your home. They will let you know specific steps you can take that will make termites less interested in your home. You can also have a pest company apply termiticide around your home on a yearly basis. This will help keep your home safe.

Way #2: Use Mulch Sparingly

Second, you need to be careful with mulch. Mulch is essentially dead wood, which can attract termites. If you use mulch in your yard, put plastic under the mulch, and use it in areas of your yard that are far away from your home.

For example, mulch should be fine in a flower bed near the road. It is better to use things such as small rocks and pebbles in flowerbeds and around the base of trees, as crushed stones or gravel are not going to attract termites but can improve the aesthetics of your yard.

Way #3: Keep Firewood Away from Your Home

Many people stack firewood upright against their homes to make it easier to access. This is not a smart move. Stacking firewood right up to your home is just like stacking food for termites against your home. Firewood is deadwood, which is the main food source for termites.

Instead, create a structure, like a shed, to store firewood away from your home. Make sure the structure will be covered and protected from moisture so the firewood dries out.

Way #4: Reduce Moisture Around Your Home

Termites don't just like wood; they like moisture as well. You can help make your home less appealing by reducing moisture around your home. Make sure your crawlspace is well insulated and ventilated in order to reduce moisture underneath your home. You should also make sure your gutters and spouts coming off your roof are functioning correctly and directing water away from your roof.

If you want to keep termites away from your home, talk to a local pest control company about termite treatments for your home. Keep mulch and firewood, both food sources for termites, away from your home. Work to reduce moisture around your home as well. These simple steps can save you from the devastation that termites bring.