Birds Ruining Your Backyard Barbecue? What You Can Do

Birds are everywhere, and although it's difficult to keep them away, unless you put a bubble around your entire home, there are a few things you may be able to do that could help. Birds eat bugs, so that's one plus about these flying pests. They're also somewhat peaceful, but if you're trying to enjoy your backyard barbecue and you have bird droppings falling out of the sky all over the place, or you have birds dive-bombing you while you're trying to relax, they can become a nuisance. To help you keep these pests away, read on for some helpful tips.

1. Get Rid Of The Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are the reason why all of those bids are in your yard. If you have a feeder or if your neighbors have a feeder, this is why every bird on the block is invading your space. You aren't going to be able to get rid of your neighbor's bird feeder, but you can ask that it get moved to another part of their yard. If you have a feeder, take it down, or you can also move it to a different part of your yard. Birds are going to go to wherever they find food, so if there's a bird feeder, this is where the birds are going to continue to go to.

2. Birdhouses Should Go Too

You should also get rid of the birdhouses as well. Even if you aren't feeding the birds, they are going to return to the birdhouse, because this is most likely where their nests are located and where they have laid their eggs. They may go to the bird feeder two blocks over, but they will come back on their way through to feed their young, and will probably spread a little bit of "joy" on their way passing through.

3. Use A Deterrent

Birds may prey on insects, but birds are afraid of other larger birds. You can set out a deterrent such as a faux owl and set it somewhere to help scare away the birds. If the head of the owl moves, it can be an even better deterrent. Place a few of these around your yard or patio if need be. 

Birds can be a nuisance and a problem, especially if they are ruining your outside experience. Do what you can to help keep them away from your yard, and talk to a pest control company for help keeping the birds away from your backyard.