Rats 101: The Low-Down On Common Rat Extermination Service Customer Questions

Intelligent, large, and sharp-toothed, rats have the potential to cause you and your home a lot of problems. If you have an infestation of these rodents, it is best to work with a rat exterminator for help. Here is a look at some common customer questions about getting rid of rats. 

Are there natural deterrents that can be used to help?

You can try some natural deterrents to help send rats in a different direction other than your home. For example, most rodents are turned off by a place that smells a lot different than usual, so soaking some cotton balls in peppermint oil and tucking them around the house may do a little good. However, deterrents alone typically are not enough if you have a full-on infestation of the rodents.

What is attracting rats to your home?

Rats are naturally attracted to a nice warm shelter, so you may not necessarily be doing anything that is specifically attracting rats to your home. Of course, food sources are always an attractor as well, so make sure you don't leave out food, keep your garbage in tight containers, and keep things generally clean. 

Will rats bite you?

It is actually pretty rare for a rat to bite someone; they will usually run away when they spot a human. However, it is not unheard of for a rat to bite a human while they are asleep. Usually, there is something on the skin that provokes a rat to do so. For example, if a toddler falls asleep with Cheeto residue on their fingers, a rat may be attracted to the residue, start to lick the fingers, and then try to get a bite. 

Can you opt for a humane eradication method with professionals?

It is a common misconception that the only way to treat a rat infestation involves poisons and inhumane traps, especially when it comes to professional rat extermination. However, there are humane methods that some professionals offer as well. For example, trapping live rats and relocating them to a rural area can be a good option. Just keep in mind that these more humane methods do often take longer to achieve because traps have to be constantly reset and the rodents relocated. The treatment can involve more professional time, so you may also pay more for the services. Plus, the longer live rat traps are in place, the more likely it will be that the intelligent rodents figure out what is going on and start to avoid them. 

For more information on rat extermination, contact your local exterminator.