What You Can Do if Flies Are Ruining Your Backyard Fun

Flies are a pest that can be seen year-round; they can sometimes make an appearance in your home throughout the winter months. As soon as spring starts, these pests are in abundance, as they are coming alive again just like everything else in springtime. If you have these pests in abundance in your yard, it may make being outside less of a relaxing time and more of a pain, as you're constantly fanning yourself or swatting at these pesky pests. If you have an issue with flies, read below for some tips to help you get rid of them.

Move Your Garbage

If you have garbage near where you would be sitting outside and relaxing, the flies may be attracted to this area. Moving your garbage elsewhere can help prevent the flies from bothering you in this case. If you have other types of garbage, such as a compost pile, or other types of landscape piles, the flies will be attracted to this as well. Move these areas far away so you aren't bothered by these pests any longer. If you have nowhere else to put your garbage, be sure the lid is sealed on your trash, your trash cans are cleaned out often and all of your trash is in sealed garbage bags.

Pick Up Feces

If you have a pet, such as a dog that uses your yard as its own personal bathroom, be sure you are cleaning up after your pet. Flies are going to be attracted to your pet's feces, so clean it up often and don't let it accumulate too much in your yard.

Keep Your Lawn Trimmed

If your lawn is overgrown or you have overgrown landscaping in your yard, it can attract flies and other pests as well. Keep your lawn trimmed and neat to prevent a pest problem. Trim your yard and trim back landscaping flowers and plants to thin them out so they look less like a forest. If you have low-hanging tree limbs, trim these back as well. If you have too much overgrowth, it can also attract moisture, which can attract these and other pests as well.

Spray a Pesticide

Using a fog pesticide can help kill flies and other pests as well to keep your yard free of pests. This is something you would spray before you go outside to help clear the area of pests, even if just for a short time period. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the pesticide for safe use.

If you have flies in your yard that are ruining your time in the yard, use the information above to help you. If you continue to have a fly issue, hire a pest control company to help you get rid of this problem.