Why It’s Usually Best To Leave Wildlife Removal To The Professionals

If you have a skunk, raccoon, or some other wild animal causing trouble on your property, you might figure you will just set a trap and relocate the animal yourself. And in some cases, this might work out just fine — but that tends to be the exception to the rule. In most cases, you are best off hiring a wildlife removal professional. Here's why.

1. Many wild animals carry rabies and other dangerous diseases

Rabies is a disease that is 99.9% fatal and is carried by many different kinds of mammals, including skunks and raccoons. And while you think you might know if an animal has rabies, they can be contagious before they start showing symptoms. If you end up being scratched or bitten when trying to trap the wild animal, you will need rabies vaccines to prevent you from contracting this deadly virus. Wildlife can also carry other dangerous diseases like salmonella and leptospirosis. Wildlife removal professionals are typically vaccinated for rabies and sometimes for other contagious diseases as well, which enables them to trap and relocate these animals more safely.

2. There may be more animals than you know about

You might think you have one raccoon when really there is a whole family of them living on your property. Or you may have only seen one skunk when really there are three. Wildlife removal pros know which animals tend to live in groups, how large those groups tend to be, and where to look for them. They'll make sure to get rid of all the pests at once.

3. Professionals know where to relocate the animals

Say you trap the animal or animals that have been pestering you. Now, where do you take them? In most areas, there are regulations against dumping wildlife on private lands, and you can't just set them free in a town park. Wildlife removal professionals generally have contracts and agreements with municipalities, permitting them to relocate certain types of wild animals to certain locations. They make sure they take the animals somewhere that they can thrive and not become a nuisance to anyone else.

Removing wildlife is not a DIY project. Wildlife professionals can do this job more safely, more completely, and in a more organized manner. Whether you're dealing with pesky raccoons, scary foxes, or annoying squirrels, call a wildlife removal service and let them handle the trapping and relocating.